Death is Beautiful
Thesis Project

Thesis Statement
There is an unappreciated beauty found in death due to our negative perception of it. We think of death as dark, terrifying, and cold because we lack understanding. Its presence tends to trigger negative emotional responses. This project aims to introduce a new face of death, a face that is not intimidating or fear inducing but serene and beautiful. There is equality and necessity between the two, without death there is no life. Without life there is no death. Spiritual and dreamlike elements will be used to create a feeling of comfort in death while maintaining its mysterious aura. An understanding for the fear of death is necessary to present it as beautiful. Death’s air of mystery will be maintained but presented in a soothing and familiar manner. 
Death has its own color palette. It is the value and saturation of the colors that poses the association. Colors appear to desaturate, light tones become lighter and dark tones become darker and “muddy”. These colors offer new emotions for death. The colors most often associated with death are black, white, and red. These colors do not represent death itself but the darkness, mystery and fear associated with it.
The elements of death are what give it its beauty but unfortunately the focus is on philosophical darkness and fears. To see the beauty in it one must look passed tragedy and fear. My aim is to encourage an appreciation for death and reduce the stigma towards it by rebranding death as a natural and beautiful occurrence rather than something to be feared.
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